Each Parkour Park is designed to meet certain technical-athletic needs, but adapts to other needs!

Monkey Jump

MJ family

All the Parkour Skeen components are reusable thanks to their stainless steel construction. The high quality design of components minimizes the use of material. There are no welds but only screwed connections between components, so that, at the life end of the structure, all of these are recoverable and reusable.
In this way the value of the structure is much higher than it might be if it were demolished.

Base Kong

Kong family

The obstacles of the kong family are wide and heavy enough to perform athletic feats: suitable for all types of kong jumping (dive, double, cash) and also for climbing in the more height developed forms.

Wll run

WR hurdles

High, strong walls, perfect for a good climb. WR hurdles are suitable for lovers of all those techniques involving the use of a solid vertical support such as passe muraille and cat (also for tricking.


With free form

A successful MECPLEX creation, the Exagon combines compactness with free form and reveals all its usefulness by allowing both jumping and climbing, certainly the trump card of any playground.

Bar prec

Looking at jumping

For all lovers of precision, a new way of looking at jumping. The tubular solutions of MECPLEX convey a certain taste of modern industrial type, making the entire training environment impressive.


Tracker and bar

Light and sinuous in the training context: with little constructive effort you achieve maximum athletic usability. Tracker and bar, all you need.


Concrete platform perfect

A concrete platform perfect for somersaults and landings. With the PLATFORM roll and tricks assured at the highest levels of fluidity and technique.


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