The old fashioned granite design.

The precious material of the Alps might value your dwelling and working experience.
GRANITE SKEEN is a new brand from the SKEEN system experience, that is looking for being impressive and reliable for the customer's choices.

The massive power of the Alps enclosed into the powerful production of Generelli SA from Suisse mountains!

Generelli SA Company might count on 40 years of experience in the natural stone industry.

With great expertise and particular attention to the local safety of the Alps environment, it could provide a product that satisfies the requirements of each client, starting from a common type of marble, reaching the most refined one.
The company is an official member of Swiss Label, the historical association that promote Swiss products and services all over the world, on which you can access just if you could count on great qualities and references.

The strategical position of the headquarter based in Rivera, (Lugano) makes Generelli SA one of the most important stone factory for the supply chain of the north-west part of Italy in stone sector.

This is Generelli SA, the powerful MECPLEX partner in the granite sector, it has joined SKEEN SYSTEM™ project as well!
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Let we bring together worldwide granite knowledge!

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