An energetic solution for the SKEEN system


Thanks to the collaboration with a leading company in the renewable energy sector, MECPLEX has developed the first triangular panel type ever dedicated to photovoltaic function in free-form structures.

This solution takes into account both the characteristic of being fascinating in design and to be sustainable in producing energy.

This is ENERGY GLASS, the powerful MECPLEX partner in the energetic sector, it has joined the SKEEN SYSTEM™ project as well!

Energy efficiency and high technology architectural elements for the same aim, sustainability!
Energy Glass was founded in 2007 with a clear aim, to break out with the past and to purpose new powerful solutions for architectural systems in the field of renewable energies.
To ferry society into the future scenario of a complete sustainable society, this is the main aim of the company, which rely on its technicians and engineers to provide new, incredible solutions in the sector. This is possible Integrating photovoltaic technology with a precious design of elements in safety glass for architecture.
Multifunctional buildings are available as a perfect solution for the regenerations’ plan of contemporary cities, that have never been affected before from the necessity of improving their own efficiency and habitability like today, and Energy Glass has just demonstrated to might play a role on this, with its partners, such as Aderma Srl.
Specificity in requirements also allows Energy Glass to provide a custom-made product that is enhanced including also a particular photovoltaic ceramic.

This is Energy Glass, the powerful MECPLEX partner in the energetic sector, it has joined the SKEEN SYSTEM™ project as well!
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