How about living in a forest?

The GREEN SKEEN brand is about creating particular containers with a rockwool mat in which plants find fertile ground for their growth, thus creating natural greenery.
MECPLEX believes in this ecological system to find out a solution to live our contemporary cities in a healthier and safer way.

The fashion design encounters the noble powerful world of the green life.

VerdeProfilo might provide all you need to spend your precious time in armony with the natural world within a city context.
Inspiring of the world observation, the company has spent many years in thinking of new, smart ideas for the city daily life, managing to catch the most challenging peculiarities of the green style.

Nowadays, VerdeProfilo offers a vast range of gardening solutions, from vertical gardens, green living walls, to green design, providing unique solutions that manage to put the customer at the center of the project.
The Company might easily enchant with its solutions also for indoor spaces, counting on its own special technology MOSSwall® that allows to produce innovative indoor vertical gardens without any kind of maintenance.

You can enjoy VerdeProfilo as well in many different cities all around the world, indeed it counts actually 21 bases from Asia to South America!
This is VerdeProfilo, the powerful MECPLEX partner in the natural green sector, it has joined SKEEN SYSTEM™ project as well!
Look at its website for more information:

Let we bring together worldwide green knowledge!

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