A luxury product from the best Italian design.


This material is a quality product of the Italian architecture history, improved by the SKEEN system concept of reuse and innovation. MARBLE SKEEN is a new brand from SKEEN system, which concern a solid and heavy framework, but with an intimate connection with the precious concept of sustainability and innovation.

MECPLEX is going to start an interesting challenge on presenting the brand into the global market.
Will the world be able to recognize the precious manufacturing and the made in Italy design?

This is Henraux, the powerful MECPLEX partner in the marble sector, it has joined SKEEN SYSTEM™ project as well!

The great and ancient tradition of Italian white marble!
Henraux is the most important and famous marble’s company based in Querceta, Lucca (Italy).
Even though the beginning of this kind of quarrying traces back to 16th century at the time of Michelangelo Buonarroti, that discovered this important deposit choosing it as his personal place from which take the matter he wanted to model, the real fortune of the production started in 1820, when Jean Baptiste Alexandre Henraux transformed the concept of the extraction in an entrepreneurship action, purchasing a part of the Mt. Altissimo.
During this two last centuries Henraux provided a large amount of beautiful and engaging furniture for architecture, urban planning, buildings and art, especially in the second part of the 20th century, being chosen as a partner by many artists such as Joan MIrò, Jean Arp, Georges Vantongerloo.
In addition, in 1963 the idea of creating a contemporary sculpture centre in Querceta started to take shape, with magnificent and profitable results.
Henraux counts lots of participations in many important international festivals, meeting and shows purposing its best materials to the global market, especially to the American one.
Recently, it has also overlooked to the Middle East market, that seems to appreciate at the same of the others, the potentiality of the Italian manufacturing.

This is Henraux, the powerful MECPLEX partner in the marble sector, it has joined SKEEN SYSTEM™ project as well!
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